Daily Rituals that you can apply when you feel depressed, anxious and uninspired!!!

We all
have  experienced a touch period in our
life, a period that we may feel depressed and uninspired. So today I am going
to write about some rituals that you can apply in a daily basis in order to
improve your mood. 

You can
start your day with meditation. Meditation will help you to be in the present
moment. Usually we are unhappy because our thoughts are in the past or the
future. If you are really present you will deal with your problems. Not dealing
with your problems it will make you feel anxious and miserable but if you deal
with them, you will feel a sense of fulfillment.

You can exercise.
Starting your day with exercising it will improve your mood and your energy
during the day. There are a lot of options such as swimming or running, going
to the gym or starting to play a new sport. Nutrition is also important, eating
healthy and avoiding junk food it will make you feel better.

toxic family members and toxic friends is a life saver. They will drain your
energy and make you feel anxious, uninspired and depressed, so you have to
remove them from your life or at least to limit the time that you spend with
them. Instead you will need to have in your life a supportive family and
friends that will help you to deal with your problems or at least to give you a
wise advice.

your bad habits with good habits. You can’t really remove the bad habits from
your life but you can replace them with good habits. For example instead of
eating junk food you can organize your meals and eat healthy. Before you sleep
instead of scrolling down at facebook you can read a book that will inspire you
and improves your sleep.

You can go
for a walk in your neighborhood. Walking even for 5-10 minutes every day it
will boost your metabolism and your energy and will make you feel better. In
order to don’t get bored walking you can also explore other neighborhoods of
your city. As a result you will do your cardio, you will explore your city and
you will probably make some new connections, much better that siting on a couch
all day watching Netflix.

You can do
hot showers when you wake up and before you sleep. As a result your will clear
your energy and your aura. For even better results you can do instead cold
showers. Cold water has a lot of benefits , a lot of athletes use ice after the
training or the match in order to avoid injures. Monks also used to let the
cold  water of the cataract fell into
them until they don’t have any negative thoughts.

Do not
consume any energy drinks or coffee. If you are in a stressed period of your
life consuming these kind of drinks it will make you feel even more anxious.
Hyper energy is not a good form of energy, is like consuming petrol when you
can use instead renewable forms of energy. If you are consuming these kind of
drinks or alcohol you will not have a clear mind in order to solve your problems
and you will burn yourself. Instead you can drink a tea that has less caffeine
than these drinks and is more healthy for you.

So today I mentioned
some daily rituals that you can try in order to improve your mood and your
energy. What rituals have you tried and worked for yoυ?

share at the comments your own rituals!

Until next




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