We all wear masks! We are just not aware of it! I am not talking about covid-19 masks but fixed behaviors that we have from our childhood. These behaviors were useful at our childhood in order to survive but as we grow we don’t need them anymore so we have to get rid of them. The only problem is that the mask is very attached to our self! We think that we are the mask but that is not true and wearing a mask and not getting rid of the mask will get you miserable angry and bitter!

So as you are getting aware of your mask you can start discarding it. It won’t be an easy task but it is a necessary task. There are a lot of methods that you can try in order to achieve it.

I) You can try acting. As you play a theatrical role in a theater it will reveal a part of your self that you hide from others and even your self. But you have to play honestly with the role. Honesty will come with performance but it will take a lot of time so you must be very patient. I am student in a acting school and after 2 years I just starting to be more honest with my acting , and as a result with the people that i meet in my life such as my friends, my family and my partner. It is a difficult process that requires patience but it is worth it.

II) Doing psychodrama with a group of people. It is a way better option than to have sessions with a psychologist. Being in the same team with people that they want to expand their personality and their personal limits is a good way to help you expand your self and your limits as well. But the most important is that you can make a scene with the problem you have and the team can help you to represent it. For example one person from the team can represent your father another person your mother e.t.c. Also you tell them what to tell and how to stand. So after a while as the scene goes on and there is a interaction with you and the team ,you are experiencing in a practical way the problem that you have, so you can solve it psychologically and practicly as well in your life. A lot of times in our life we don’t have the chance to meet a person that we deal a problem with him because he might be dead or he just might don’t want to speak with us. So psychodrama is a good way to represent the situation and the person. Also you can represent the situation with the persons from the team and some use some things as well in order the drama to be more completed.

III) Meditation is also a good way because doing meditation requires to be at the present moment. It may not solve your traumas , actually you are the only person that is responsible to solve your traumas but meditation can reveal them in order to deal with them and also can give you clarity and peace in your life. I would suggest you to do meditation when you start your day before you go to work, after a tough day at the work and before you sleep doing a hot bath as well before meditation in order to have a good sleep. Remember that how you start your day is how you end the day. If you start your day angry and bitter you will treat people totally different than to start your day doing meditation or watching a motivational video or reading something that will inspire you. My favorite meditation is the meditation with white light in order to start my day with clean energy and clarity. You can do meditation even for 5-10 minutes so you don’t have any excuse not doing it. If you don’t have 5-10 minutes for your self every day, actually you don’t have a life. There are plenty of meditations with white light on youtube so you can choose one that suits to your personality and inspires you.

IV) Doing something for others and providing for your community. Doing something for someone else will make you feel better for your self and forget your personal problems for a a while. Remember that we are all dealing with problems even the successful people can be anxious and frustrated, so don’t judge other people so easily because you don’t know what their dealing in their personal life. Even if their life seems perfect from the outside their inside life might be very different than what it seems to the people. So doing a act of kindness like giving food to a homeless person or feeding an animal in the streets or collecting rubbishes from the streets will make you a more humble and a more understanding person and as a result will treat other people with more respect and honesty. I am not saying not supporting your self but you can be humble and human as well.

V) Finding what suits for your personality. Maybe is a sport or acting or whatever the hell it completes you and revealing your self. For me is all the above that i mentioned and doing crossfit or hitting the jym, swimming, walking, running, or hanging out with friends and having meaningful conversations is a great way to connect with my self and other people.

I hope this article to have even a small impact in your life and to help you discover even something small for your self!

That’s all for now!

Until next time!

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