5 reasons + 1 to delete your facebook account and don’t give a fuck!

Last weekend I deleted my facebook & Instagram account and I don’t give a fuck! Today I am going to write about 5 reasons + 1 to delete your facebook & Instagram account too!

I) Facebook and antisocial media in general are time consuming. You spend a lot of time by doing nothing, just scrolling down and looking meaningless posts. Instead you could use that time doing something meaningful like hitting the jym or to just take some time to connect with your self  and your friends in real life  and not your fake friends on facebook. All day we are in a rush complaining that we don’t have time but actually we have time, we just spend it in the wrong way in meaningless stuff like facebook. Your inner self deserves the best so you have to acknowledge and take care of him by spending time with your self and your loved ones.

II) social networks are actually antisocial networks because you don’t actually connect with the people. You communicate in the wrong way and you don’t actually connect deeply with the others. Real connection and real friends have been lost ,and is very easy to spot it when you hang out with your friends and instead communicating with them you are scrolling down posts on social media. So if you want to really communicate don’t use your social media when you  are hanging out with your friends, actually you should delete them but at least limit your time that you spend on them.

III) Social media are highly addictive and requires a lot of self control in order to control the time that you spend on them. Social media are as addictive as drugs and alcohol and sooner or later you are going to be be highly addicticted on them like a drug addict. It may seems that social media are giving you a sense of fulfilment in your miserable life but like drugs are going to destroy you in the long run.  Your spiritual death is going to be very slow and painful and you are not even aware of it because this is the way that social media have been made to be addictive and using you. So don’t let them use you and take control of your life!

IV) Social media disconnects you from your self. When you are using social media you start comparing your self with other people lives. He has a business, I don’t have a business , she is having a baby I am not having a baby, you are getting jealous with the fake lives of fake people. First of all people on social media just want to seem important and are just projecting the stuff that they want , the fake stuff mostly. Actually most of them are quite miserable in their real life that’s why they put that match effort on social media in  order to feel important to get a sense of fulfilment. So stop comparing your self with other people lives because you don’t actually know what they are facing in their real life and you see only the fake one on social media. Also remember that your timing is different than other people, you will have the things that you want on your own  timing, so be patient , work hard, have faith and the things that you want will eventually happen sooner or later.

V) Social media are not free, actually are very expensive. In order to use them you are giving all your personal information on facebook and then facebook is selling your information in third parties in order to make billions of dollars with your information. There is not such thing as privacy don’t make me laugh! When you register on facebook you agree with the terms and services of facebook. In order to register you have to sell all your data on facebook and third parties and you don’t even care. Actually I am sure that you don’t even read the terms and services of facebook when you registered (I don’t read them either to be honest) but i know that in general when I registered on facebook I actually sold all my data and don’t even got paid! Remember that if you are now aware of the product is probably because you are the product.

VI) Social media are highly dangerous because they can use them against you. A post that  you wrote may fire you from your job or end your marriage , you may destroy a meaningful relationship and the list goes on. Sharing your address on social media is not so clever, an unknown may come to your house and kill you and your family because you wrote something on facebook that insulted him. Remember that you don’t actually know who is behind a screen, so is better to be very careful when you comment or posting stuff on facebook. People nowadays are getting crazy for no reason, they have lost their self control , you can see it every day in the streets and social transports people are fighting for now reason because they have their own personal problems and they can’t deal with them, so they are projecting their problems on other people. Remember that they just want to be acknowledged and not to fight with them. I am not saying that this is easy, requires to acknowledge first your inner self and then the others. Is an act from inside and then will appear to other’s as well.

So today I wrote about 6 reasons to consider deleting your facebook account and your social accounts in general. I give you the right to keep only LinkedIn because is quite useful in order to find a job and actually has a purpose. I am just joking your choice is always yours you just have to consider if the advantages are more than the disadvantages. For example you may use social media to advertise your business but most people are not using social media, are getting used from the social media and they are the products!

I hope that you found this article useful, you may don’t delete your account but at least if you limit the time that you spend on facebook and be more  cautious about what you post, that would make very happy that I had even a small impact on someone’s life and made him think some stuff.

That’s all for now!

Take care and connect with your real friends in real life.

Until next post


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