I used to have toxic people in my life, people that made me miserable and sick. So, as a result i used to have low self – esteem even when I was successful in my life i thought that i didn’t deserve to be successful because the people in my circle would do everything to convince me that I didn’t deserve it. So I would become self-destructive and I would ruin my life after a while.

So today i am going to write about 5 categories of toxic people that you should remove from your life or at least limit the time that you spend with them.

I) Don’t depend too much at your family and don’t work for the family business. It’s better to move abroad and work somewhere else in order to be more independent and grow your self.It is usual that your family will tell what’s right for you but don’t listen to them. Just listen to your own inner voice! Family just project you all the things that they didn’t do in their life. They lost their chance to fulfil their dreams but remember you have your own dreams to fulfill, so don’t give a fuck about all these bullshit they tell you. Actually listen what they have to tell you but in the end you have to listen to your own inner voice.

II) Get rid of your toxic friends that are jealous of you. Maybe they tell you something negative about yourself just for fun, but remember that is still negative and that still are jealous of you. Your friends should support you and have your back and not be jealous of you. It is way better to have few real friends than a bunch of fools that are saying bud things behind your back and are not supporting you in any way.

III) A personal relationship should also be supportive and love the real you and not your money, your honors or your profession. It should add value in your life and not taking your value. I don’t believe that you will meet your other half because you are already whole. You will just find a person that will add even more value in your life and share your life with him/her.

IV) A job should also not be toxic but organic. You may not have the perfect job but at least you should like the people that you work, in order to have a good cooperation and not draining your energy and be miserable. You should find a job that completes you or at least to do something after the job such as starting a blog, a business or whatever brings meaning in your life. I am not saying to quit your job right now , but you should make a plan in order to quit your job if you don’t like it and do something that is more true to your self.

V) You should avoid toxic people in general. The best way to do it, it is to express your self honestly. For example if you are a very sensitive person and you have a friend that is taking advantage of it, you should get rid of that friend. It is not good to be for example more cruel in order to not lose friends. You have your own nature and you should be proud of you! You will meet people in your life with the same nature, so don’t be ashamed of your nature.

That’s all for now!

Have a great week and always express the real you!

In a world with fake people you have to be courageous in order to honestly express you self but it is totally worth it because you will find your inner peace!

Until next time

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