About me

I used to be very greedy, my life was all about money, i thought that if i had enough money that i would be someone, and i would be happy as a result. Happiness is not about money is about inner peace, most of the people in a free country can make enough money in order to be comfortable if they are not lazy of course. My father is about 60 year old and is running multiple business.

He has enough money in order to retire and live the rest of his life very comfortably. But his self-value is related with money and when he doesn’t make enough money is very miserable. Actually is very miserable all the time but when he doesn’t make enough money is even more miserable. My father is a great example that money doesn’t make you happy, it maybe makes your life more comfortable but not necessary more fulfilling. I used to have a lot of things in common with my father. My self value was related with external things such as money , and the approval of other people. I thought that if i had the right woman or the perfect job or a perfect relationships in general that i would be happy. So when all the external things fall apart, i fall apart as well, because my inner strength was related to external things so wasn’t internal but external.

So i decided to start this blog in order to share some life lessons that i gained recently and maybe to inspire and help some people that are facing the some problems with me! I think we are all facing the some problems as a humanity but they are some people that just want to have something better for their life such as inner peace, inner strength, good relationships, a healthy lifestyle and to feel a sense of fulfillment in their life and some people that they just want to make a fortune and just be related with external things. I am not saying that external things are bad, but this is not the starting point, the starting point should be from inside.

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