How to find your inner strength!!!

Today I am going to write about how to find your inner strength!

We all have experienced difficult moments at our life, so is very important to have the inner strength in order to deal with these tough moments.

Your family should give you the strength and support you during these tough moments. If your family really loves you, it will give you the psychological support in order to deal with your problems. Your family shouldn’t judge you but  should inspire you to be a better person. Family don’t always support you and sometimes is toxic, we all have experienced toxic member in our family, so you should ask for help only from members of your family that you trust and appreciate in order to solve your problems. Actually you are the only person that will solve your problems, but asking for an advice from a family member that you trust is always a good idea.

As they say friends are the second family or even the first one in some cases, friends are the people that you choose to be your family, so be very careful when you choose your friends because they are a reflection of who you are. Usually we share some common values and interests with our friends, so they can understands us better from our family sometimes, because we didn’t choose our family but we choose our friends. So getting an advice from your friends , is even better than getting an advice from a family member, and their advice is very valuable because you have spent a lot of time with them so they know who you are.

Adopting a pet is always a good idea because you think something else from yourself and your problems. Pets are very good company and will not judge you when your ruin your life and they will always be there for you. The only thing that they ask is your unconditional love. Actually it doesn’t matter if your adopt a dog or a cat , that depends on your personality type.

Help someone that needs your help. If you focus all the time on your problems you will be angry and miserable all the time.  But if you help someone else to deal with his problems it will give you a lot of joy and you will forget your problems for a while. Everyone is dealing with his personal battle everyday so if you acknowledge that it will give you the power to deal with your problems. You can help a family member , a friend , a person from your job or to buy food for a homeless person.

If you really love your job and you have a good relationship with your coworkers’ you can ask for help from them, if you trust them of course. Having passion for your job it will give you the strength and will inspire you to deal with your personal problems. Unfortunately in most cases we don’t like our job and we just do it in order to support us financially. Even if you don’t like your job you can still ask for help from a coworker that you trust and appreciate.

If you don’t like your job you should search for another job but until you find your dream job you can do something that you like after your job. You can go to the jym, or going for a walk , watch a movie that will inspire you , catch up with your friends or to start that project that you postpone all the time. You should do something that will connect you with yourself. Usually we are unhappy not because of our problems but because we are not connected with us. Find the time in order to connect with yourself and eventually you will deal with your problems. Your problems that you have right now will expand you and will make you a better person when you have the courage to deal with them.

How you find your inner strength?

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