The importance of starting your day with meditation

Today I woke up frustrated my thoughts where at the past experiences that i had last year. I started the day feeling miserable because my thoughts were at the past. So I decided to start a meditation with white light. It proved to be a excellent choice because it brings me at the current moment at here and now!  You can’t be miserable at the current moment because at the current moment you have the ability to resolve any issues that you have at your life, so there is not a point being frustrated about the past. Of course past experiences are very useful in order to learn some life lessons, if you want of course. Life will bring the same problems until you learn the lessons, so is better to be a excellent student. Life is full of problems but as you work with your self you will have better problems! For example to be fat is a problem not so much in the way you look but you can do less things that require physical activity! Maybe you find very difficult to do hiking or to go for swimming and other things that may be important to you. So you decide to take action and hit the gym! Now you have the problem of consistency, the problem of being embarrassed because you are fat and look like a fool when you hit the gym, the problem of  the right nutrition and not eating sugar e.t.c. But you shouldn’t care about the way you look at the others because this is your fight and you are a great fighter. No matter how difficult it is you are going to make it, even if the process is slow. Don’t rush the process trust the process! So you may feel guilty that you gained weight but this is the past, so you have the choice to take the responsibility and do something about that at the present moment. Actually is very convenient to be in the past because you can’t take any action, but in the present moment you can take action and improve your life! Not taking any action at the present in order to improve your life is also a choice! Remember that! So starting the day with meditation even for 5-10 minutes is a great ritual in order to clear your mind and bring your self at the current moment. For someone else it may be a physical activity like running or swimming or hitting the gym. But 5-10 minutes of meditation as well will be a great choice that you can combine with physical activity. That’s all for now! I hope that you gained something from my article that you can apply right now in order to improve your life!

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