You are already dead, you are just not aware of it…

Eventually we are all going to die, so death is not a big deal, is just something that will happen sooner or later. But are we actually living? I think most people are dead during their life in an emotional way. They are all the time busy doing meaningless stuff that don’t inspire them and then they just complaining for the lack of time. Eventually they get spiritually and emotionally drained and become sick. Doing a lot of things is not a problem , the problem is that the time is never enough, so having priorities is very important.

You will never have time to do all the things you want, but you will have time to do the things that are important enough for you. Being always in a rush it will distant you from yourself. Having time for your self is very important in order to connect with yourself. You need  balance between your inner self and the more practical self in order to be happy with yourself and your life.

Being busy all the time is a way to cover up a lot of things. Maybe you don’t like your job or your partner but you can’t even think about it because you are busy all the time. So when you take some time with yourself , you can have a look for the things that you have at your life that don’t suit you. Acknowledgement is the first step but the most difficult step is to take action. Acknowledgement is important but is not enough , a lot of people are complaining about their situation but they don’t make anything to change the situation. They have a victim mentality that life happens to them and not for them. Lets be honest your life that you have is actually your choice, so if you don’t like your life the only person that you have to blame is yourself. That’s the bud news but I have also good news for you. If you are responsible for your miserable life , you are also responsible to change your miserable life with an extraordinary one!

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